The Story

I have been contacted by some of you asking why did the Ambush shut down?

The story, the true story is ………

I became the Erie High School Basketball coach in 2011. There was no feeder system in place so after my first season I started the Colorado Ambush LLC August 2012. I say again I started the Colorado Ambush LLC. You may have heard a different story, I’ve heard a few myself, but I can assure you that no one else had any money or investment involved. That is not to say that we had great coaches and volunteers who put in a lot time and effort. Long story short, Turner started his own Ambush team in March of 2014. He and a cohort did this without my knowledge and in fact repeatedly lied to me about the existence of another team throughout March and April. This is the same time frame I resigned from Erie, along with several other coaches, but that is another story. Turner locked me out of my websites and Facebook page, stole my logos and artwork. I tried to hand over the Colorado Ambush to others, but no one had any interest in taking it on. So the Colorado Ambush LLC has sat in limbo since March 2014. Most of you may not know you were in fact playing for and paying the Erie Ambush. The issue here is not just a stolen name, there are legal consequences if someone is pretending to be you. Turner was told in February of this year he must shut his operation down and hand back over the websites, etc., or face further legal action. Turner agreed to the terms and has shut down his Ambush team. The unfortunate consequence of Turner’s actions is that the Colorado Ambush LLC cannot allow Turner’s teams to play as Ambush, wear Ambush uniforms or present themselves as Ambush. Legally, I could have taken this much further but chose to give Turner a way out and he took it.

I am sorry for the huge inconveince this caused some of you, but I had no choice in the matter.

Thanks to those of you that have kept me apprised of the situation.